Minecraft 1.14 Tutorial: The BEST 0-Tick Bamboo Super Smelter

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you how to build the best 0-tick bamboo super smelter in Minecraft (for 1.14.2+ JAVA Edition). This is based on Ilmango's 0-tick bamboo farm design and Xisuma's modification to it. It is an improvement on my previous tutorial.

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I build a floating Ship Wreck in the ProtoTech Server in The End!

Watch the build process for the AFK Fish Farm in The End Dimension in the ProtoTech SMP (Minecraft 1.12). Hope you enjoy!

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Minecraft 1.14 Tutorial: Super Smelter with 0-Tick Bamboo Generator

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you how you can combine a 0-tick bamboo generator plus a super smelter mechanism to have a working super smelter with unlimited fuel!

Design is based on 0-tick bamboo/sugar cane farms showcased by Ilmango and adapted to work on 1.14.3 release. The super smelter fuel system is based on Mumbo Jumbo's approach in Hermitcraft Season VI.

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Let's Play Minecraft 1.13 Survival: Episode 17 - Wheat, Carrot, Potato Villager based farms!

In this episode I build fully automated wheat, potatoes and carrots farm using villagers and go through all the quirks of building those in survival!

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ProtoTech SMP 03 - AFK Fish Farm With Rays Works (part 3)

In this Episode, I join Ray into making a multiplayer AFK Fish Farm (part 3) that I dubbed the MMAFKFF :p. Today I help him work on the underground pipes that take all the items from the AFK Fish Farm back to spawn into a temporary storage system!

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