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Matias Jose

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Matias Jose
Birth Date:
September 18th, 1982
41 years
Buenos Aires, City
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Technical Background

Web Technologies

I am a web programmer since 1998; I am expert in Web Technologies such as HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, StimulusJS, Turbo, PHP, Symfony and MySQL. My field of action goes from dynamic auto-editable websites such as e-commerce platforms and personal websites with dynamically editable pages to complex Web applications and real time web based games such as chess, intranets, online statistic systems and voIP integration systems.

Client Side: I manage the Web standards of HTML5 and CSS 3 following the W3C recommendation. I have studied Javascript in retail, based on the Mozilla Foundation (MDN) and The Javascript Dictionary sources; I have knowledge in high performance DOM manipulation, dynamic CSS, Ajax (native), XML and JSON interpretation. I have created the Scriptor Javascript framework as well as studied and worked with other frameworks such as jQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, VueJS, StimulusJS, Turbo and others. I have programmed in compatibility with all major browsers and keep up to date with current updates on Edge, Firefox and Chrome and its Mobile versions

Server Side: I have knowledge of PHP obtained from the sources and from editorials such as O'Reilly, Sams Teach yourself and Symfony Casts, where I have 30+ finished courses and have become a course writer as well. I worked in pure PHP, writing simple frameworks during my initial stages and moved to become an expert in Symfony, following best Object Oriented practices, TDD and SOLID. I can code in procedural or object oriented way, since I have a structured base knowledge in programming languages such as ASSEMBLER, C, C++ and BASIC.

Regarding tooling and deploying, I have worked with nodejs integrating technologies such as TypeScript, Babel, es6+ standards, webpack, grunt, gulp and virtualization technologies such as VMWare, VirtualBox, Vagrant and Docker

Also, I have knowledge on installing, configuring and maintaining Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.x servers on Linux.

I manage SQL based relational databases and I specialize on MySQL. Although I have experience with other engines such as Access, MsSQL and PostgreSQL, I prefer to use MySQL. I have knowledge in database design, normalization and data structure architecture, obtained from my years of experience in system development and complex e-commerces and CRMs.

I have also knowledge on Asterisk servers. I have installed and developed applications based on AGI and know the basis of voice over IP (voIP).

Operating Systems

I have operated and investigated about the basics of architecture in a more or less detailed way regarding operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista/7, Windows 8/10/11, Linux Fedora, Linux CentOS and Linux Ubuntu.


In addition to my knowledge about Internet Technologies, I have used Desktop programming languages learned from sources such as Norton, Kernighan, Borland and Microsoft. Although I have not performed any professional work based on them, I can develop in Assembler, Visual BASIC, C, C++, Python, Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET and C++ .NET.

I have also studied Game Development strategies based on Udemy courses and have knowledge of the Allegro framework and Unreal Engine 4 based on C++.

10+ years
10+ years
10+ years
10+ years
10+ years
Javascript ES6
8 years
9 years
10+ years
8 years
3 years
8 years
3 years
3 years
2 years
10+ years
10+ years
7 years
7 years
10+ years
7 years
2 years
7 years
8 years
1 year
Visual BASIC
1 year
10+ years
10+ years
10+ years
10+ years
2 years
3 years
Unreal Engine
3 years
5 years
Apache 1.3/2.x
10+ years
2 years
10+ years
Windows 95/98/2000/XP
10+ years
Windows Vista/7
10+ years
Windows 8/10
10+ years
10+ years

Spoken Languages

I have fluent knowledge of Spanish (native) and English, since I lived in New York during 2004 and performed in the area of Project Manager Assistant.

Other Studies

  • Primary and High School completed at Instituto Carlos Tejedor, CIFE and Instituto Argentino Excelsior.
  • English course attended at Instituto de Lenguas Vivas in Mar del Plata city
  • Music career "Licenciado en Artes Musicales con especialización en Piano y Composición" (Pianist and Composer) at Conservatorio de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Conservatorio Carlos López Buchardo (UNA) - Incomplete
  • First Year of Psychology at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) - Incomplete

Work Experience

Mar 2020 - Current

SymfonyCasts - Senior Programmer and Course Writer

Senior Frontend programmer, specially undertaking the migration of frontend code into Stimulus+Turbo.

Course Writer of the 2 part, 10 hour long VueJS course.


Jan 2009 - Mar 2020 - Senior Programmer

JavaScript Specialist - Programmer at for JavaScript components such as Chess Board and Live Chess projects (Live ches 2 and 3).

Sep 2008 - Mar 2011

Anunciate Gratis - Chief Technical Officer

Web Solution Development - Complete development of the Anunciate Gratis platform to offer an online service of classified ads, utilizing Google Adsense's model to sponsor free online community services.

Aug 2007 - Jan 2009 - Quality Agent

Quality Agent for website. Duties related to website testing and quality assurance to warrantee the best user experience and Browser/Operating System compatibility. Developing of small Javascript components to bring better functionality and compatibility. CSS y HTML contributions, Bug Reports and feature suggestions.

Jan 2006 - Aug 2006

Independent - Programmer

Freelance programmer. Website and web application development.

Mar 2005 - Jan 2006

Verus - Semi Senior Programmer

Semi Senior Programmer for Verus company. Web application development. SEO and directory website development. Crawling and data extraction systems development in order to create web content based databases.

Apr 2004 - Feb 2005

Brealm Inc, New York - Project Management Assistant

Project Manager Assistant and Accountant. Diverse duties related to accountability and web project coordination of a team of programmers using Microsoft technologies.

May 1998 - Jan 2004

Independent - Programmer

Freelance Programmer and development of Systems for personal use and experimentation (Desktop based on DOS, Windows and Web).

JsFusion (Javascript Framework)

JsFusion is a JavaScript Framework designed to fix some of the issues that StimulusJS had when integrating with Turbo in the context of a complex functionality case.

Go to JsFusion Page.


Since March 2020 I entered SymfonyCasts as a Course Writer and co-wrote the VueJS 2 part course with Ryan Weaver. The course is a 10 hour long set of videos together with multiple-choice challenges that walk the user through every basic aspect of VueJS

Later, I started developing as a Senior FrontEnd programmer, focusing in migrating the site's frontend code into Stimulus/Turbo, leveraging the Symfony-UX bundle.

Go to SymfonyCasts. Live

Since 2009 until 2016 I've been working in developing the Live Chess Client in versions V3 and V4. Utilizing AngularJS, VueJS and the most advanced cutting edge web technologies such as Cometd interaction to achieve a Desktop like experience with dynamic challenge graphics, friendly chatting, games and live tournaments among other things.

Since 2016 I'm specifically devoted in the new version of chess boards, using Javascript ES6 and VueJS components.

Go to Live Chess.

React Lib (Javascript Components Library)

React Lib is a simple, modular set of UI components (such as sortable Grids, Image galleries, Trees) created to be able to use it in any web application (framework agnostic). The modules can be used in the context of a React App, or they can be instantiated like classes within plain Javascript or TypeScript files and rendered into DOM containers. They support loading of data through asynchronous operations, and event handlers.

Go to React Lib Page.

scriptor (Javascript framework)

At the dawn of Web 2.0 a lot of programmers used some popular tools such as Scriptaculous, Prototype or jQuery to develop their websites. While such libraries evolved (or died away) and can be very useful for the average programmer, they often are very large, overly complex and not flexible enough for top programming, making the big software companies to often build a framework on their own.

Using the best of prototype and dojo, but keeping it simple, I've built Scriptor, the tiny javascript framework, in less than 10.000 lines of code providing simple javascript tools such as user defined event system, cookies handling, Http Requests and a component based UI system for complex and fast interface designing.

Go to scriptor Page.