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Flying Machine Sugar Cane Farm! [Minecraft Tutorial on Mumbo Jumbo's Farm]

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you the best way to setup an easy Sugar Cane farm using Flying Machines (JAVA edition)! This setup uses the original Gnembom design that was slightly improved by Mumbo Jumbo in Hermitcraft AND it improves it a tiny little bit more for smaller contraptions!

In this video I constantly mistake Gnembon by CubFan because CubFan is the inspiration for my simple super smelter arrays featured in other tutorials. But the original concept is, as far as I know, Gembon's!

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Minecraft 1.16 Tutorial - Ray's Super Simple Squid Farm!

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you how to build Rays Works' Super Simple Squid Farm for the 1.16 update! With this simple farm, you'll be collecting tons of squid ink sacks and kelp in no time! The only thing you need to do is find a Guardian Temple and build a flying machine and a collection system at the water surface. The Guardians will do all the work for you!

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Super Simple Iron Farm for Minecraft 1.15.2 (Tutorial)!

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you about a super simple way to build an iron farm in Minecraft 1.15 and up! (will work in 1.16 too!). Subtle changes regarding the Iron Golem spawn algorithm made it so that some 1.14 farms stopped working. So in this video I revisit my old simple Iron Farm design and improve it so that it works flawlessly in 1.15 and 1.16. Hope you enjoy it!

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How to build Mumbo Jumbo's Concrete Breaker! (Minecraft Tutorial, 1.14, 1.15)

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you how to recreate a version of Mumbo Jumbo's Concrete Breaker (or Concrete Maker)! I took the liberty of making this block by block tutorial with the concept shown in his video (link below) because I noticed that while he explains the concept really well, we doesn't offer a thorough tutorial of the redstone contraption.

This is basically the automatic concrete maker that he uses in his Hermitcraft series and it works with Minecraft 1.14, 1.15 and up! I hope you enjoy!

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Super Simple Iron Farm in 1.14.4+ (Minecraft Tutorial)

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you a very simple way of making an Iron Golem Farm in Minecraft 1.14 and up! Iron farms got much simpler since minecraft 1.14 and now you can follow this easy block by block tutorial to make your own pretty early in the game.

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