Matias Jose

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minecraft 1.13

How to get unlimited dyes in Minecraft! (Flower Farm Tutorial 1.12, 1.13, 1.14)

In this Minecraft tutorial, I show you a concept developer by Lord Jon25 and myself to create a super effective flower farm in Minecraft for the Proto Tech server. This farm uses automatic bone meal dispensers plus the shaking of the grass with a small tweak to be able to quickly produce large quantities of flowers! If done correctly you will get every dye possible in the game that can be obtained from flowers.

Works on every JAVA version of Minecraft from 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14+

How to Properly Unload your Minecarts in Minecraft! (1.14 Tutorial)

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you how to properly build your minecart unloading mechanisms in Minecraft. Don't make any mistakes when offloading items from your farms into your storage! Build your minecart offloading stations correctly.

Let's Play Minecraft 1.13 Survival: Episode 17 - Wheat, Carrot, Potato Villager based farms!

In this episode I build fully automated wheat, potatoes and carrots farm using villagers and go through all the quirks of building those in survival!

Let's Play Minecraft 1.13 Survival: Episode 16 - Wheat and Iron Farms Completed!

In this Episode, I finish the Iron Farm by doing an in-between work on a semi-automatic wheat farm!

Minecraft 1.13 Tutorial: Kelp, Smelter & XP Farm!

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you how to build an early game kelp farm to use with a super smelter to get unlimited fuel and XP for your Minecraft world!