Matias Jose

Music, Composition, Technology, Gaming

Minecraft 1.13 Tutorial: Sugar Cane Farm (Flying Machine)

In this Minecraft tutorial, I teach you how to combine the flying machine from a previous tutorial with a compact T-Flip-Flop to create an automatic sugar cane farm with great potential!

Minecraft 1.13 Tutorial: Underwater Flying Machines

In this Minecraft 1.13 tutorial, I teach you How to build an underwater flying machine for your kelp farms! If you ever wondered about how to place the redstone circuits underwater, this is the right tutorial for you, and let me tell you: It's tricky!

Let's Play Minecraft 1.13 Survival: Episode 14 - Building a House!

Today I build a little house for myself using a heavily textured color palete (spruce wood, dark oak wood, grey terracota, brown terracota, stripped logs and cobblestone). It looks like a Hermit Hut and it looks amazing!

Minecraft 1.14 Tutorial: Bamboo Super Smelter & XP Farm

In this tutorial I teach you all about how to make a Bamboo based super smelter and XP farm in the new upcoming Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage update!

Minecraft 1.13 Tutorial: Hopper Clock

In this tutorial I teach you how to build a Hopper Clock in Minecraft! This is a quick guide but it's also explaining the principles by which Hopper Clocks work so that you don't forget how to build them!